Really seems that the cost between Garmin and Dynon are not the significant. Seems like there is a bit more expense with Garmin though.

  • EarthX Batteries
  • https://www.flyefii.com/products/bus-manager/

O2 & CO


From VAF

  • RAMI cat whisker antenna on top of VS
  • RAMI bent COM antenna under the fuselage behind the baggage bulk head
  • RAMI COM antenna on the top of the tail cone
  • 2 Garmin GPS antennas on the tail cone, offset from each other in both the longitudinal and latitudinal directions. You want to keep as much distance between them as you have space for, since one of the failure modes of these antennas (they have electronics built into the antenna) is oscillation with significant RFI with can disable the other GPS antenna if it is nearby.