It would be an understatement to say that priming and techniques to prime are controversial. But it seems that even though I probably do not need to prime given my current location, it will help the resale value.

Van’s uses Sherwin Williams P60G2 on their builds and has a great article on the longevity of the Sherwin Williams product. Even though this will be what they apply for the quickbuild wings, I will be using Stewart Systems EkoPrime product though for a couple of reasons:

  1. Water based product so hopefully less nasty to work with
  2. One part product (no catalyst) so hopefully easier to work with
  3. Recommended that it is thinned to 10% and use a 1.4m paint tip


Brandon wrote a great post on VAF about experiments with acid washing & scuffing. Later in threads there is also talk about the DeKups too.

Allan Glen post has good information on using EkoPrime as well (and a link to RV8SA Youtube Video on his process.

Current Plan

  • Use EkoPrime for interior priming
  • Prepare surfaces with a light scuffing & bon ami cleaning
  • For surfaces that will be highly trafficked, use EkoEtch and Scuffing
  • Get a Rockler paint mixer
  • For the interior, shoot a top coat (probably EkoCrylic)
  • Use the 3m PPS system

Usage Notes

  • 35-50 psi on the gun
  • Fan adjusted 1/2 turn from closed
  • Volume adjusted 1.5 turn from closed