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After more then a year of inactivity I have decided to reboot this place. And by rebooting I mean &:destroy.

I could have saved a couple of the older posts, but inspiration and mainly the avoidance of perspiration has influenced me to just save the bits and throw the old out.

It is New Years and it is a bit cliché to restart a blog but it also happens to align with a good chunk of time off. I have found the 2-weeks staycation to be very rejuvenating. I have spent the time working on the brewery (more to come), doing odd chores around the house, and getting to better know JavaScript, CoffeeScript, and Ember.

A couple years ago I had a similar experience where I spent a week with friends in Hawaii diving and refactoring my terminal setup. That investment of time has gone a long way as I use it daily. To continue on that path I am going to borrow an idea from Ben Orenstein about tool sharping. Check out the Ruby Rogue’s podcast for more details (and check back here for future blog posts).

we’re sorry
but you’re no longer needed
or wanted
or even cared about here
machines can do a better job than you
this is what you get for asking questions

Dead Kennedys Soup Is Good Food

So with out further ado, I christen my rebooted blog with a lovely beer and some salami.


Much gratititude to so many people who make even a meek little blog possible. It is always amazing to reflect on how much is built on the layers of OSS